Goods Loaning – Instant Cash
Best Valuation on the Market.

We all need some quick money at some point.

At Charman Trading we have all kinds of loans.  

We help thousands of people with short-term financial solutions every week, even those with a bad credit history. 

Just bring in your item of worth and one of our valuers will give you a fair and decent appraisal for your goods.

As a responsible lender, we won’t approve a loan you can’t afford to repay. You can borrow against an item of value with our instore pawnbroking service or apply for a loan in a Personal Finance centre or online.

How It Works

Instant cash for your Loans in 3 simple steps.

Step One

Visit a Charman Trading store near you.

Step Two

Get an on the spot valuation and loan offer

Step Three

Instant cash for your Goods.